Who's the hottest sister in Philippine showbiz?

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hottest Sisters!

Who do you think is the hottest sisters in Philippine Showbiz?

1. Toni and Alex Gonzaga

2. Maureen and Raine Larrazabal

3. Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine Barretto

4. Cristine Reyes and Ara Mina

5. Assunta and Alessandra de Rossi

6. Anne and Jasmine Curtis

7. Megan and Lauren Young

8. Andi and Maxine Eigenmann

9. Ehra and Michelle Madrigal

Here's my choices for the Hottest Sisters.

1. The Madrigal's
2. The Larrazabal's
3. Cristine and Ara
4. The Eigenmann's
5. Anne and Jasmine
6. Megan and Lauren
7. The Barretto's
8. The Gonzaga's
9. Assunta and Alessandra

Who's your pick?


Credit to the owner of the pictures.

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