Who's the hottest sister in Philippine showbiz?

Friday, March 30, 2012

200 Prettiest Filipina Actresses of all time (100 - 1)

1)If they have done a little bit of acting both on the big screen or the small screen, i consider them an actress. Here is my list of the actresses with the most prettiest faces that grace our screen. I'm gonna try to look for their best or their oldest picture in the net. But i got to tell you, i don't even know if i'm gonna see some pictures of the old timers and the not so famous actresses that will be here, but i'll try my best.

Remember, this is not about who's the most famous and the most succesful actress. This is about who has the most beautiful faces in showbiz during their time.

If you don't like it, then get the fuck out of my space and make your own damn list.

Here it goes.

100.Mickey Ferriols

99. Tanya Gomez

98. Anne Curtis

97. Jean Garcia

96. Rosanna Roces

95. Lindsay Custodio

94. Coney Reyes

93. Elizabeth Oropesa
92. Sam Pinto

91. Kris Aquino

90. Chat Silayan

89. Almira Muhlach

88. Agot Isidro

87. Katya Santos

86. Ruffa Mae Quinto

85. Andi Eigenmann

84. Angel Aquino

83. Roxanne Barcelo

82. Bianca King

81. Priscilla Almeda aka  Abby Viduya

80. Sunshine Cruz

79. Sheena Halili

78. Gretchen Barretto

77. Nini Jacinto

76. Kaye Abad

75. Maja Salvador

74. Michelle Aldana

73. Nida Blanca

72. Maricel Laxa

71. Tita Duran

70. Zsazsa Padilla

69. Sheryl Cruz

68. Bea Alonzo

67. Camille Pratts

66. Barbara Perez

65. Cheska Garcia

64. Alma Moreno

63. Charito Solis

62. Niña Jose

61. Ruffa Gutierrez

60. Tanya Garcia

59. Beth Tamayo

58. Charo Santos

57. Katrina Halili

56. Alicia Vergel

55. Claudine Barretto

54. Angelika dela Cruz

53. Karen Timbol

52. Jasmine Curtis

51. Lilet
50. Janette McBride

49. Vina Morales
48. Aileen Damiles

47. Alona Alegre

46. Paula Peralejo

45. Jessa Zaragoza
44. Isabel Granada

43. Gwen Zamora

42. Rio Locsin

41. Regine Tolentino

40. Dang Cecilio
39. Diana Zubiri

38. Dawn Zulueta
37. Pilar Pilapil

36. Beth Bautista

35. Gloria Diaz

34. Ana Roces

33. Angel Locsin

32. Rhian Ramos

31. Valerie Concepcion

30. Nadine Samonte

29. Charlene Gonzales

28. Lotis Key

27. Hazel Ann Mendoza

26. Trixia Gomez

25. Apreal Tolentino

24. Roxanne Guinoo

23. Mariel Rodriguez

22. Ryza Cenon
21. Susan Roces

20. Ehra Madrigal
There is something about her that i really really like.

19. Francine Prieto

18. Barbie Forteza
She's gonna be a hottie, i guarantee that.

17. Donita Rose

16. Jackie Rice

15. Empress Schuck

14. Gloria Romero

13. Vilma Santos

12. Lorna Tolentino

11. Michelle Madrigal
She's just so gorgeous and beautiful. Just like what Kobe Bryant said to her.

10. Julie Vega

09. Mikee Cojuangco

08. Alice Dixon

07. Tweetie de Leon

06. Kristine Hermosa
Ang dyosa nang kagandahan, as what many people say about her.

05. Lea Salonga
In 1991, she was chosen by People magazine as one of the most beautiful people in the world. I could'nt agree more.

04. Marian Rivera
I did'nt like her before. But i like her now. She's so damn pretty.

03. Lucy Torres
She almost did not make my list. Thankfully, she did a little acting on television.

2. Dina Bonnevie
She is my ultimate MILF!

01. Cristina Gonzales
I always thought Cristina Gonzalez is the Hottest celebrity we ever had. Up until now she still got it. She is still hot as ever.

I posted my top 100 first. It took me a month to gather all the names and pictures of these actresses. Hope you enjoy this post of mine. Credit to the owner of the pictures i got from the net.

Numbers 200 all the way down to 101 will be posted soon. And i'm not gonna post pictures of all of them. Just some of them.



Anonymous said...

I don't agree w/ some of yohr choices

Anonymous said...

your taste of beauty is weird..not all of them are pretty..you are just a fanatic 'provincial taste'..

Anonymous said...

there should be Jenny Sequia, Star Querobin,Claudia Zobel,Paraluman, Cita Revilla, Jeanne Young, Lovely Rivero...

Brodron said...

This is a rediculous selection. Susan roces, the queen of phil. Movies is just no. 20? You put Ehla Madrigal ahead of her?

Anonymous said...

Every people have their own choices. Post yours peeps so we can see how good your pilates are. Have fun

Anonymous said...


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Unknown said...

Where is charito Solis?Amy Austria?Jean saburit?techie agbayani?carmi Martin?Hilda koronel?and ms Amalia Fuentes should be on top coz she's the Elizabeth Taylor in Philippines cinema!

Dev DevonTheYoutube said...

Where is charito Solis?Amy Austria?Jean saburit?techie agbayani?carmi Martin?Hilda koronel?and ms Amalia Fuentes should be on top coz she's the Elizabeth Taylor in Philippines cinema!

travellingstudent said...

When i saw Kris Aquino on the list, done! No more credibility! Also..Kayw Abad?!!! Hilda Coronel should be up there.